my name is Emotionull. i go by null or Bryce. I've been creating art for three years now with all self taught skills. I create art that describe my feelings in the moment and visualizes what is portrayed in my head. i am twenty two and my main mediums are acrylic paint, india ink, and oil pain sticks.

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For August, I chose Emotionull. I've known his work for a couple years now and it never ceases to intrigue me. In my honest opinion, I have never seen such raw and abstract artwork that deserves more appreciate and attention than it gets. His work is extremely eye catching and unlocks a sense of individualism and hidden feelings within myself.

I also find his alias extremely interesting, with the play on the word "emotional" perhaps saying he is null of emotion--or the fact when I look at his work I am full of emotion, hence contradicting the name in a way and I am a huge fan of when artists play a deeper role in their work--truly investing in their art.

I implore you to give him a follow and to purchase his work.

Null also started his own online magazine in Oct. 2018 called Fangz Magazine where he and several other members of his team collaborate to interview and showcase other artists. If you can, show your support here:

If you are interested you can apply to volunteer for the website as well.

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